Rancilio Kryo 65 OD Espresso Grinder

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The On-Demand model of the Kryo 65 series features single dose, double dose, and customized dose options which can all be configured in the software by the user. When in automatic mode, grinds are activated by the portafilter and continue until the pre-programmed dose has been dispensed. When in On Demand mode grinding may be paused during dispensing if needed.

  • Fitted with high-capacity 64 mm diameter mills ensuring the production of 3.5 g/second: grinding is instant and takes place directly in the filter holder ensuring a fresh correctly dosed product.
  • Height adjustable hands-free fork is designed to take any type of filter holder during the grinding operation so the barista is able to interact with customers or tend to other tasks.
  • LED Soft-Touch control panel allows the barista to program three different doses quickly and efficiently. The large display allows the operating status of the grinder doser and mill wear to be monitored in real-time. The horizontal progress bar monitors the progress of the current grinding operation.


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