Ceado E37SL Grinder

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The E37SL has 2 competing features and we seriously don’t know which one is better. The active thermal control system protects the coffee from excess heat which is usually the result of long barista lines, when the grinder doesn’t get a break and the burrs get hot and we love this because it protects the consistency of the coffee. The other feature of this espresso grinder is the innovative mechanical suspension making it one of the quietest coffee grinders on the market. We’ll let you decide.

  • The steady lock grinder maintains a constant distance between burrs so grinds are consistent.
  • Quick set stepless adjustment.
  • The touch display is easy, quick, and intuitive.
  • Active thermal control protects the consistency of the coffee from excessive peaks in temperature created in the grind chamber.
  • The silent system, thanks to the mechanical suspension innovation, makes this one of the quietest grinders on the market.


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