Variety Sample Pack 6 Count


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This Sample Pack includes 6 – 2oz Ground Variety Samples

  • 2oz Mexican Altura FTO – Mexico produces a coffee that is popular morning, day & night. This Mexico is a Fair Trade Organic from the Chiapas region.
  • 2oz Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – This coffee is well know for its bright fruity/ floral aromas & flavor. This variety reminds me of jam on buttered toast.
  • 2oz Breakfast Blend – Although it is delightful any time of day, our breakfast blend delivers all of the balanced components of traditional Breakfast blend.
  • 2oz Roastmaster’s Blend – Born of a desire to bring together all of the qualities of our favorite origins in one cup. This blend will satisfy the multitudes.
  • 2oz Jamaican Me Crazy&#174 – One of our most popular flavors, JMC brings the Island flavors of Kahlua, caramel and vanilla to a medium roast Brazil.
  • 2oz Highland Grog- Easily our number one flavor. Grog delivers the flavors of chocolate, rum, Irish whiskey, caramel & vanilla.

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