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[Maui Frozen Drink Mixes]

Our commitment to quality is unwavering!

Only the finest all-natural fresh fruit and dairy ingredients are used in making our 12 smooth, delicious and refreshing flavors:

Strawberry, raspberry, banana, mango, peach, ice cream, cappuccino, piña colada, margarita, rum runner, smoothie starter(yogurt), and lemon ice.

We also offer 13 shelf-stable mixes, for businesses that don't have the freezer room:

Strawberry, raspberry, banana, margarita, pina colada, mango, peach, lemon ice, passion fruit, ice cream, strawberry banana, wild berry, pomegranate.

Blend these flavors with your favorite liquor for a delicious and refreshing cocktail or blend the flavors together to make over 100 different smoothee drinks...either way, you will be enjoying the finest frozen beverages available!

Click here to see our online recipes!

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