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Instant Custom Marketing
Stock Point-of-Sale Items

[Stock Point-Of-Sale]

We are happy to provide you, our valued customers with free, stock point-of-sale items that we have!

We have menus, table tents, buttons, posters, banners and much, much more to offer for both Smoothees and Frozen Cocktails, suiting all of your needs!

Please give us a call at 800.728.8007 or e-mail us to find the perfect items to complement your establishment!

[Click here to learn how we can create custom marketing with your specialty drinks, logo, and even food or other drinks you offer!]


Top 5 Menu Thumbnail

Menu Binder [4.75"W x 5.5"H] with Recipe Inserts

[Table Tents]

We offer Maui table tents, images coming soon.
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Maui Dangler - images coming soon.

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Frozen Cocktail:
Tornado of Fresh Fruit Flavor Poster
18" x 24" 'Catch the Wave' Poster

Taste The Islands Poster
Maui Poster

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Create Your Own Smoothee Banner
2'x 5' Indoor/Outdoor 'Create Your Own Smoothee' Horizontal Banner


Frozen Cocktail:
Lynchburg Lemonade Banner
2' x 5' Indoor/Outdoor 'Catch the Wave' Horizontal Banner
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