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Chippewa Spring Water, Earth's Perfect Water

Nestled in the wooded hills of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, our water is born into this world from the rarest sources...a natural spring. Relying solely on the natural filtration of a glacial formation that began over 500 million years ago, Chippewa spring water is as pure today as when we first tested it a century ago. More importantly, its taste and refreshment have never been equalled. Welcome to the waters of the Chippewa Spring!

Kandiyohi Premium Water is purified like no other water in the upper Midwest. They steam distill their water. This process is the best proven method in water purification today. This removes the rest of the impurities that even the best (Reverse Osmosis) filtration systems cannot take out. By adding calcium, magnesium & potassium back into our water, they give it a light, crisp clean taste to quench your thirst.

Kandiyohi 9 Step Distillation-Purification Process:

  1. Monitor Feed Water: (incoming) for hardness, pH, conductive/TDS (total dissolved solids). Normal supplies of feedwater are traditionally inconsistent in quality, mainly due to the different wells they are pumping from.
  2. Softening: follows to remove the inorganic minerals, calcium, magnesium, and iron, which can, in concentration, affect the distillation process.
  3. Activated Charcoal: Filtration is then employed to remove organic materials such as pesticides, industrial chemicals and other pollutants.
  4. Steam Distillation: is the next step in the Kandiyohi process, in which a vapor compression distiller boils the water, draws the vapor, compresses it, then super heats it up 230 degrees, destroying any and all bacteria which may be in the water, and then recondenses it into silky-smooth water.
  5. TDS Monitoring: 5 ppm maximum - - the distiller automatically diverts the distilled water to the drain if 5 ppm is reached.
  6. Mineral Injection: replaces the calcium, potassium and magnesium removed from the feedwater during the previous steps of the purification process.
  7. ph/TDS Monitoring: to assess the impact of pH and TDS of the mineral injection step. A pH measurement of 7.0 is considered "neutral." Rating significantly below that figure identifies a distilled water that is considered "hungry," and raising our drinking water about 10 ppm of the distilled range puts hardness back in the water, and with harness comes taste.
  8. Ozonation: injects purifying ozone directly into the water. Ozone sterilization is fast, powerful, and FDA approved. It sterilizes with no taste or odor following ozone dissipation. Not only has the water been sterilized, but the containers as well.
  9. Shelf Life: due to our ultra-modern plant, the shelf life of our product is not known - - but is surpasses 5 years!

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