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Coffee King, Inc.
Custom Printed Bottles
Water Equipment
Water Types | Sizes

Cook & Cold - Round
[Cook & Cold with Cup Dispenser]

Customer Water Equipment Options

A Very Affordable Employee Benefit!

5-Gallon Water*


Cold Dispenser


Hot/Cold Dispenser


*Deposit Required for Bottles and Crates

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Rent to Buy
Must declare at sign-up time or within the first year of their contract. If they declare within the first year, the rent-to-buy program pricing will start at that time, there will be no rent credit given for rent already charged to them.

Cold: $25.00 + tax/month for 12 months ($300.00)
H & C: $35.00 + tax/month for 12 months ($420.00)
H&C Ctop: $40.00 + tax/month for 12 months ($480.00)

Purchase Cooler
Used Coolers:

1990 Models or Older: Cold: $100.00 C.O.D./Deposit
H & C: $125.00

New Coolers:



Room Temperature




Cook & Cold - square


Hot & Cold - square


Countertop Cold


Countertop Hot & Cold


Refrigerator Cook & Cold


Refrigerator Hot & Cold


Ebtech Round:



Cook & Cold (B1RRK)


Hot & Cold (B1RRHS)


Cooler Buyout For Existing Customers:

After 6 months, $3.00/month rent credit
After 2 years, $175.00 (Cold) $225.00 (H & C)
After 3 years, $100.00 (Cold) $125.00 (H & C)
After 5 years, $75.00 (Cold) $100.00 (H & C)

Must Pay At Time Of Buyout, No Financing
*Includes Spill Guard

Coffee | Water Equipment
Now you can enjoy the very best coffee made with pure, premium, Kandiyohi bottled water.

  • Pure water means no municipal additives like chlorine or sulfur
  • Fewer equipment breakdowns
  • Works like conventional automatic brewer - just push the button
  • Hot water faucet for allied products
  • Never a charge for equipment or delivery
  • This equipment is designed for high volume users. Additional charges may apply

5-gal Kandiyohi Drinking Water


Bottle Deposit


Crate Deposit (optional)


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