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Private Label Bottled Water

Excellent Profit For Your School
Your student groups will earn $9 to $13 per case (50-70% profit), depending on whether bottles are sold individually or by the full case.

Excellent Product
Genuine Chippewa Natural Spring Water, bottled at the source in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and Kandiyohi Premium Water, are two of the purest, most consistent natural spring waters in the world. Chippewa and Kandiyohi are market leaders in Midwest bottled water sales.

Excellent Value
Fundraiser suggested case selling price is $.83 per ounce. Plastic bottle, with pop-up sport top ($20.00 per case of 24). This is the average unit price for the 20 oz. Chippewa in Midwest retail markets. Customers do not pay a "donation" premium.

Excellent School Image
Your school label is individually, professionally designed utilizing correct school colors, school "letter", and school mascot. Customers can proudly show their support in their own homes and businesses with a high quality product, professionally presented. This product presents a positive image, and is great advertising for the spirit of your school.

Non-Seasonal, Non-Religious, Non-Fattening
This product is "politically correct". It can be marketed year round to all families, and it is not even indirectly related to a religious holiday. It is a wholesome, healthy product which contains no fat, sodium or sugar. This product is uniquely appropriate for all types of student fund raising.

Convenience Stores

  • Professional Image For Your Convenience Store
  • Brand your name with your customers
  • Spread your name throughout your community
  • Add upscale appeal and increased profits
  • Ties into your other private labeled products and promotions

Private Labeled Water Sample Prices and Specifications

24 ct 20-ounce Spring Water Sport Cap

$11.50 case

24 ct 20-ounce Kandiyohi Sport Cap

$10.50 case

Call us today, and we will help you develop a design to fit all your needs! Special label or art development may be at additional charge. Minimum order is 315 cases (Five pallets/63 cases per pallet). Lead times will vary from 3 - 6 weeks depending on artwork development.
(Prices subject to change)

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