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Numi Teas & Teasans
Numi sets itself apart with innovative varieties and beautiful packaging. They have filled the demand for a better cup of tea by offering teas that are pure herbs, free of oils, flavorings and sweeteners. Numi teas and teasans are guaranteed fresh for over a year, thanks to multi-barrier overwrap packaging.

Their teas are derived from the Camellia Sinesis plant, each flavor representing a unique climate and drying process. Their term teasan is derived from the French word Tisane, for brewed herbal beverage containing no tea leaves. They are all-natural, caffeine free and delicious, being used for centuries to soothe and heal.

Numi offers many great point-of-sale merchandising such as beautiful wall posters, decorative postcards, mini recipe booklets, shelf talkers, product sheets, and other creative materials to help drive up your sales. Their eye-catching displays are sure to attract your customers' attention, while at the same time, enhancing your establishment.

If you have not yet sampled their teas, please contact us so that you too can Take the Numi Tea Transformation!

We look forward to speaking with you in the next few weeks to see if you are interested in stocking this unique and original line of teas. We are now carrying a full line of Numi teas so that your order can be filled quickly and locally!

If you would like to place an order, please call Holly or speak with any of our customer service representatives.

Discover the quality within!

Dry Desert Lime-Lime Herbal Teasan
Red Mellow Bush-Rooibos Herbal Teasan
Bushmen's Brew-Honeybush Herbal Teasan
Simply Mint-Moroccan Mint Herbal Teasan
Mexican Fields-Lemongrass Herbal Teasan
Sweet Meadows-Chamomile Lemon Herbal Teasan
Chinese Breakfast-Yunnan Black Tea
Smoky Tarry-Lapsang Souchong Black Tea
Aged Earl Grey-Bergamot Assam Black Tea
Golden Chai-Spiced Assam Black Tea
Water Sprite-Ginger Oolong Tea
Monkey King-Jasmine Green Tea
Temple of Heaven-Gunpowder Tea
Numi's Collection-Assorted Melange 9 Flavors
Timeless Classics-Favorite Blends 4 New Flavors

Additional Products:

  • Numi Display Racks-Holds 8 or 12 self-dispensing tea and 1-8 ct. teason boxes
  • Numi 8-Count Starter Set-4 mixed cases, 3 boxes each of 8 flavors.
  • Numi 12-Count Starter Set-4 mixed cases, 2 boxes each of 12 flavors.
  • Refill for Numi 8-Count Rack
  • Refill for Numi 12-Count Rack
  • Wooden Tea Chest (Empty)
  • Refill for Wooden Tea Chest - 120 Tea Bags, 10 each of 12 flavors
  • Flying Tea Banner
  • Bamboo Tea Display Shipper - Holds 72 Numi 20-count tea & teason boxes
  • Bamboo Box - Light or Dark (45 tea bags, 5 each of 9 flavors)
  • Empty Bamboo Box (Dark or Light, no tea bags)
  • Refill for Bamboo Box (90 Tea Bags, 10 each of 9 flavors)
  • Mini Bamboo Box - Light or Dark (6 tea bags, 1 each of 6 flavors)

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