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Caturra Fresh Roasted Coffee
Coffee King is proud to be partnered with Caturra Coffee for our wholebean coffee needs. Caturra uses only the finest beans, ensuring their quality. With the roasting operations in close proximity, getting your coffee needs has never been easier. Coffee King can help you with all the different coffee needs that may arise.

Fresh Roasted Gourmet & Flavored Coffees
Not all coffees are the same, even Arabicas with the same name can be significantly different. For example, Guatemalan Antigua is a coffee type from the Antigua region of Guatemala; however, coffees with this name can vary dramatically depending on specific farm and method of processing. For example, machine dried coffees, versus naturally sun dried from the same region, have poor flavor, tasting like Robusta coffee. Additional quality affecting variables include fertilizers, ripeness, time of season, defects, etc.

Our coffees are 100% fine Arabica carefully selected from plantations around the world based on the following perimeters:

  • Sample buying rather then type buying
  • Less than 3% defects including broken beans
  • Grade size at 80% on size 16
  • Cupping profile exhibiting distinctive attribute in Acidity, Body, Flavor, and Aroma
  • Shade trees for bird population and erosion control
  • Limited and controlled use of inputs
  • No child labor. Provision of childcare, schooling & medical facilities.
  • Zero tolerance for green cherries
  • Washing of coffee using traditional water separation and 100% sun drying.
  • Fair Trade Practices

In summary, our coffees are the highest quality available. We are a member of the SCAA and ISO 9002 compliant. The compliance means that we follow procedures, which effect every aspect of our dealings with you from seed to cup in accordance with this international quality assurance program. Furthermore, we offer certified organics, rainforest alliance, eco-ok, and low-acidity coffees. All of our coffees are kosher certified coffees.

All of the following coffees are freshly roasted, packaged, and shipped within 24 hours.

Roasting and Packaging
Roast is the main or first characteristic to choose when selecting a coffee. The darker the roast the less true coffee flavor. In fact, the French roast, the darkest on the market, is so dark that the flavor is pronounced smoke with only slight hints of coffee. We understand that everyone has different taste; therefore, we offer 5 roast levels. Roast terminology differs throughout the American market. Therefore, please refer to the following roast classifications when ordering coffee.

Vienna/City Roast, 11-13 minute roast
Italian/Full City Roast, 13-15 minute roast
French Roast, 15-18 minute roast

Peak City Roast is the standard roast and our lightest roast. If you like lots of coffee flavor then this is the coffee for you. The Peak City roast is characterized by chestnut brown beans without surface oil. Note, if you do not specify a roast then we automatically ship this roast. This is the coffee roast that true coffee connoisseurs prefer. Consider steaks. (No offense intended toward the vegetarians out there.) The majority of people like medium done steaks. However, true steak aficionados like their steaks on the rare side for the most flavor, and then there are those people who prefer well-done smoky flavor over the steak flavor and thus order well-done.

Vienna Roast
is a medium roast coffee and is characterized by dark brown color with small spots of oil on the bean's surface. If you are not sure of which roast to order or want something with a little more roast flavor than the peak city then this is your roast. Of course, we offer roast designated house blends. To try a good all-around Vienna roast just ask for the Vienna roast blend.

Italian Roast is a dark roast coffee and is characterized by dark brown color with rich amounts of oil on the bean's surface. If you want an extremely strong roast flavor while retaining a good amount of coffee flavor then this is the roast for you. Two of the best selling Italian roast blends are the Velvet Hammer Blend and Velvet Espresso Blend.

Dark Italian Roast is the extra dark roast coffee and is characterized by a very dark brown, almost black color with large amounts of oil on the bean's surface. Coffee flavor at this roast is 75% roast flavor and 25% coffee flavor. A good Dark Italian Roast is the Latte Blend, which makes a great drip, French style coffee or good espresso, Starbucks style espresso. Note: For small 6-8 oz. cup Italian/European style espresso, sweet and bright, order light roast espressos. For larger to-go cup, American style espresso drinks, chocolaty and rich, order dark roasts.

French Roast is the darkest roast coffee and probably the darkest coffee available in the world. It is characterized by black color with large amounts of oil on the bean's surface. Coffee flavor at this roast is 95% roast flavor and 5% coffee flavor. Sort of like drinking a cup of smoke with a coffee finish. For the best flavor, you should brew this coffee in a big basket brewer, which produces a more flavorful extraction. See brewing tips for more info. We really only roast one coffee to a 100% French roast. That's the French Roast blend. Of course, some of the bar blends include French roast beans to create complex flavors of toned-down lights.

After roasting, the coffees are packaged immediately in one-way valve bags, which allows coffee to degas without blowing apart the packaging. Did you know that fresh coffee packed in a can without a pressure release would blow the can apart within a week or two? That is why valve-packed coffees is so much better than canned or vacuumed-packed coffees, which have to sit for a week to degas and thus lose flavor. Oxidation is what kills great coffees. You probably have bitten and noticed that if you do not eat it quickly the white part begins to turn brown. This is the oxidation effect. Like an apple, banana, etc, coffee spoils with prolonged exposure to oxygen and heat/light. Opened packages of ground coffee retain good flavor for approx. one week, and whole bean retains good flavor for approx. two weeks. It is best to store coffee at room temperature and out of direct sunlight with as little oxygen exposure as possible. We do not recommend storing coffee in the freezer due to condensation on the inside of any package and odors.

Package Sizes Available
5-lb bag
2-lb bag
12 oz. bags
42 ct 1.5 oz. ground & pre-portioned

Private labeling is available at no or minimum cost. All bulk package sizes are available ground or whole bean. Custom blends are also available.
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Certified Organic Coffees
Organic farming protects farmers and the environment from unsafe applications of fertilizers and pesticides while promoting a sustainable agriculture for future generations. Organic certification requires that every step from planting, farming, harvesting and transporting by rail, sea and road be inspected and certified to be free of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other chemical residue. Even our roasting & packaging facility is inspected and certified Organic. Organic farming protects farmers and the environment from unsafe applications of fertilizers and pesticides and promotes sustainable agriculture for the generations to come.

Organic Breakfast Brew Blend | Like our non-organic Breakfast blend but more earthy tasting. A mild blend of three growing regions, certified organically grown and harvested. Organics carry a slightly earthy undertone in taste.

Organic Colombian Supremo | The finest certified organic Colombian beans. Heavy flavor and aroma with full body and acidity. Slightly more earthy flavor then non-organic Colombians.

Organic Costa Rican | A full bodied, sharp hard bean, certified organically grown and harvested. Again, slightly more earthy in the cup.

Organic European Blend | An organic coffee made from Organic Peruvian and Organic Mexican Altura Pluma beans. Medium roast resulting in a delicate mellow, full flavor cup with an alliaceous aroma.

Organic French Roast Blend | The darkest coffee in the world without being charred. One of our signature roasts using Organic Mexican Altura Pluma. Intense smoky flavor, but never burnt.

Organic Guatemalan Antigua | Smoother than the Costa Rican. Medium body with smoky aroma and aftertaste. A consistent coffee and one of our favorites. Certified organically grown and harvested.

Organic Italian Roast Blend | Strong smoky flavor without overwhelming the coffee flavor. This blend is balanced in body, flavor, and acidity. Like our standard Italian Roast blend but with a more earthy aroma and finish.

Organic Kaldi's Blend | A blend of mild, certified organically grown and harvested beans. Smooth with great flavor while still being economical.

Organic Mexican Altura Pluma | A medium bodied coffee, low in acidity with a pleasant finish. Due to elevation and location, this coffee's flavor can vary slightly and provides interesting, slight seasonal flavor changes.

Organic Mountain Harvest Blend | Wonderfully plump, dark roasted Organic Mexican Altura Pluma blended with a light-medium roasted, strictly hard bean Guatemalan Antigua creates a creamy blend with good sweetness and flavor.

Organic Peruvian | Unique. A well balanced bean with full body and favorable acidity. This coffee has very earthy undertones with a slightly poignant aroma.

Organic Rainforest Blend | A medium roast blend consisting of independently roasted Organic Central Americans. This blend has a medium roast flavor with rich, fruity taste along with a slight earthiness. One of our best sellers.

Organic Roaster's Select | A light and dark BAR blend of medium and dark roasted Organic coffees producing a perfectly balanced taste with slight smoky overtones. The "Perfect Organic Blend".

Organic Sumatra Mandheling | This naturally organically grown Indonesian coffees carries a heavy body with very little acidity. It has a creamy smooth taste and full aroma.

Organic Vienna Roast | Like our standard Vienna roast. Medium roast blend balanced between coffee flavor and roast flavor with earthy highlights.

Organic Decaffeinated Coffees
Organic Mexican Decaffeinated
Vienna Decaf (50% City roast, 50% Italian roast)
All Flavored Decaffeinated
Organic Premium Dark Roast Vanilla Decaffeinated
Organic Kona Macadamia Nut
Organic French Vanilla Decaffeinated
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Coffee Blends
Blending is an ever-changing art where one creates a greater impression or feeling not found in the separate blend components. The key to creating a great blend is not by a recipe but by comparative cupping. Coffees with the same country origin name can differ from farm to farm and even harvest-to-harvest. Blending is truly an ever-changing art.

Another quality roaster trait is BAR, blending after roasting. Not all coffee blends can be roasted as a single batch. Depending on water content, bean hardness, and blend taste requirements, many coffee blends require multiple roasting batches and post-roast blending. For a good BAR blend, try the Roaster's Select blend.

African Safari Blend A unique experience. Tanzanian Peaberry, Kenya AA, Zimbabwe, and Zambian Terranova - Africa's finest coffees blended together creating a truly wonderful coffee. Well balanced, full-bodied with a medium acidity. Enjoy the journey.

Breakfast Brew | A blend of Central & Latin American coffees at peak city roast. Light body, subtle flavor with snappy acidity and bright finish.

Cappuccine Blend | Estate coffees from Central America, Indonesia, and Africa. The choice for a medium-dark rich brew or smooth, sweet espresso.

Euro-Dark Blend | A great BAR blend. With a base of Central Americans, we blend our hearty French roast with our smooth yet robust Italian roast to create a wonderfully strong and smooth cup with full body and medium acidity. A beautiful light and dark blend.

European Blend | Blended to European standards and taste. Central American and Pacific Basin beans roasted to a Vienna roast resulting in a complex, full bodied taste with a hint of smoke.

Kaldi's Blend | A peak city blend. Light in acidity and but rich in flavor. Mild and economical.

Latte Blend | Dark Italian roast of Indonesian and Central American coffees create heavy body with intense, smoky flavor. Excellent for brewing a rich French style coffee or making a espresso for chocolaty lattes.

Kona Blend | The mild acidity and fresh taste of Kona combined with the rich, full-bodied taste of Colombian beans. A Peak City/Vienna roast.

Metro Blend | This rich new blend combines the subtle elegance of Hawaiian Kauai and its clean, mild flavors with bold, full-bodied Colombian Supremo and creamy, full-bodied Sumatra Mandheling for a truly unique taste. This blend is roasted at a Peak City unless requested differently.

Mocha Java Blend* | The classic, world famous blend. Rich, creamy taste of Ethiopian Mocha combined with the earthy and low-acidity beans of the island of Java. Available at light and dark roast.

Parisian Blend | A complex blend of African and Indonesian coffees roasted to traditional European dark roast. Bold, rich and sharp flavor.

Roaster's Select Blend | Another beautiful dark and light BAR blend. This complex blend of light to medium roasts with dark roasts produces a slightly smoky coffee with bright flavor and favorable acidity. The "Perfect Cup".

7 Bean Blend | The original. Seven of the world's finest coffees from Africa, Asia Pacific, Central and South America are used to create a truly unique and intense coffee. Peak City/Vienna Roast roast with full body and aroma and distinctive flavor.

Velvet Hammer Blend | One of our best sellers. Intense in every category. African, Pacific, and Central American coffees provide great body and acidity enveloped in a smoky Italian roast with strong flavor. The coffee lovers coffee.
* Available at different roasts
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Espresso Blends
First, let's cut through the pop American marketing. Espresso is just a method of brewing. I'll repeat that, espresso is just a method of brewing. Espresso actually means quickly or rapidly brewed coffee. However, espresso usually means a short concentrated and rapidly brewed coffee under intense pressure resulting in more extraction of coffee soluble, 25% versus 16-18% for standard infiltration or drip method, and thus a stronger, richer tasting coffee. In Italian homes it can also mean coffee brewed on the stove with a mocha pot. It is not a roast or variety of coffee plant. There are certain cultural standards for espresso and varying views for brewing espresso.

Cappuccine Blend | Medium to slightly dark roasted estate coffees from Central America and Kenya make for a good balanced espresso with good body and acidity.

Lake Geneva Blend | Under the DoMondo Cafe label. This is the best selling Illycafe blend in the Swiss-French area of Europe. A light to medium roast with medium acidity, good body, and a cashew flavor finish. If you serve traditional espressos and 6-8 oz. lattes or cappuccinos, for example fine-dining, then this a good espresso blend for you.

Latte Blend | Dark Italian roasted blend of Indonesian and Central American coffees create a heavy body with intense smoky flavor and chocolaty finish when used in lattes and cappuccinos. If you like Starbucks or serve large to-go espresso based beverages then this is a good espresso blend for you.

Pacific Espresso Blend | Another dark roast blend with smooth, heavy body with strong yet smooth aftertaste. If you like Seattle style espresso then this is a good espresso blend for you.

Ticino Blend | Under the DoMondo Cafe label. This is the best selling Illycafe blend in the Swiss-Italian region of Europe. A solid medium roast with a little more attitude. Similar to best selling Zurich blend, but with a more dark roast flavor and finish.

Velvet Espresso Blend | This is probably our best balanced espresso blend offering the best of light and dark roast attributes. Sweet, mild and bright yet smooth, syrupy, and strong. It is an Italian roast blend of African, Indonesian, and Central American coffees.

Zurich Blend | Under the DoMondo Cafe label. This is the best selling Illycafe blend in the Swiss-German region of Europe. For the ultimate European latte, combine cream or heavy near-cream milk in a 6 oz. cup. For the traditional, rich Schale combine a 3 oz. fast pour shot of Zurich blend with 3 oz. steamed cream or cream-heavy milk.
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Flavored Coffees
We offer the best flavored coffees in the world. All of our flavored coffees are 100% Arabica with premium quality, non-allergenic flavorings. Yes, even the people with allergies, such as allergic to chocolate, can drink our flavored coffees. However, be careful when ordering our nut coffees, some of them, especially our premiums have nut slivers in the coffee.

Our flavored coffee are based on 100% Arabica blends with 3% flavoring by weight. We also offer premium flavored coffees based on our Roaster Select blend with 6% flavoring by weight or with almond slivers, etc. Seriously, you will not find a bettered flavored coffee. Some people frown upon the use or sale of flavored coffees as a detour from true gourmet coffee, but truth be known, people have flavored coffees with chocolate, cinnamon, etc. since the discovery of coffee. For example, it is said that Voltaire consumed forty to fifty cups of his favorite coffee, a mixture of chocolate and coffee, everyday. Did you know that about 50% of coffee sold in American coffeehouses is flavored?

African Cinnamon | This flavor will help you wake up in the morning. A full bodied, wonderful mild and balanced blend of Central & South American coffees combined with African Cinnamon gourmet flavoring oils Excellent with toast & jam in the morning.

Almond Amaretto | This classic flavored coffee begins with an exceptionally mild and balanced blend combined with mild cherry flavoring and the rich flavor of toasted almonds. Full flavor, aroma, medium body and acidity. Be sure to specify if you want toasted almond slivers in coffee.

Almond Joy | This fine tasting brew combines beans from Central & South America with the rich taste of gourmet chocolate and coconut flavoring oils to produce a special treat.

Amaretto | A classic flavored coffee with an exceptionally mild and balanced blend combined with mild cherry flavoring oils. Excellent desert coffee with full flavor and aroma, medium body, and acidity.

Apple Cinnamon | Sweet apples combined with spicy cinnamon create a perfectly balanced flavor sensation. Add a little cream to really dazzle your taste buds.

Apple Cinnamon Strudel | Dessert in a cup. Creamy and sweet strudel bathed in apples and cinnamon with a medium bodied coffee. After dinner or not, this is a special treat.

Blueberry Cinnamon Swirl | Sounds crazy. But this is one of our better sellers. Cinnamon flavored coffee with blueberry and cream finish.

Buttered Rum | A full bodied, mild and balanced blend of Central & South American coffees combined with Buttered Rum gourmet flavoring oils. A nice treat with ice cream or as an afternoon lunch special.

Butterscotch Cream | Rich creamy butterscotch with a slight snap in every sip. Very pleasing to the palate.

Caramel Nut | The sweet taste of a caramel nut roll combined with a mild and well-balanced blend of Central & South American coffees. Excellent in the morning with pastry.

Caramel Toddy | Heavenly caramel with a dash of cinnamon.

Caramel Vanilla | The sweet taste of a caramel nut combined with the warm flavor of vanilla. Excellent with ice cream.

Caribbean Hazelnut | Medium roasted blend of mild coffee with the rich nutty taste of gourmet Hazelnut to produce a special treat.

Chocolate Almond Toffee | The perfect combination of smooth milk chocolate, roasted almonds, with a tad of caramel and a spot of cream combined with a well-balanced blend of beans to produce a full flavor and aroma with the medium body and acidity.

Chocolate Covered Cherry | A delicious combination that makes your palate happy and your mouth watering. Creamy chocolate draped over red, ripe cherries. Tastes like the real deal. Want more flavor? Add a little cream and sugar.

Chocolate Espresso* | Rich velvety taste of Dutch Chocolate combined with an Italian roasted espresso for the perfect Mocha in a single shot.

Chocolate Hazelnut Creme | A rich medium bodied blend of Central & South American beans combined with the sharp dark chocolate and the rich nutty taste of gourmet hazelnut flavoring oils. This special brew is a perfect holiday treat.

Chocolate Macadamia Nut | The sweet buttery taste of macadamia nuts from Kona and the sharp flavor of Dutch Chocolate combined with a full-bodied blend of Central & South American beans. An after dinner delight!

Chocolate Mint | A full bodied, medium roasted blend with Chocolate Mint gourmet flavoring. A refreshing brew great over ice.

Chocolate Raspberry | The flavors of rich chocolate and ripe raspberries. Like a truffle in a cup!

Cinnamon Hazelnut | A well balanced blend of coffees with the sprightly taste of Cinnamon and Hazelnuts. This delightful coffee is a perfect compliment to your favorite bakery item or as a morning wake-up flavor.

Cocoa Mocha Twist | A blend of Central & South American milds combined with the taste of chocolate, cream, cinnamon, and nutmeg give this coffee its unique flavor.

Cookies & Cream | Mild taste of sugar cookies dipped in cream cascading over our finest Central American beans. Medium body, mildly acidic. Mellow aftertaste with an aroma that takes you back to Mom's kitchen.

Cranberry Cream | Tart, slightly sweet cranberries bathed in creamy undertones. Wonderful aroma, fruity aftertaste.

Dutch Chocolate | Sharp, dark chocolate flavor. More punch than the Swiss chocolate version.

Eggnog Cream | A warm, spicy Eggnog with a rich Custard finish.

English Toffee | A tad of caramel, a touch of chocolate, a spot of cream, very British, very buttery, very good.

Flaming Kiss | Hot and sweet, with a cinnamon candy taste.

French Vanilla* | The smoky, robust flavor of French roasted beans combined with the warm taste of gourmet vanilla flavoring positively make this a cup an affair to remember.

French Vanilla Almond | Smokey, robust French Roast beans combined with gourmet Vanilla and Toasted Almond extracts. A rich, dark treat.

Gran Marnier | Much like the liqueur. Sweet orange delicately layered over our finest Central American beans.

Hazelnut Creme | A bright cup of Central Americans with a pinch of hazelnut and a dash of cream.

Highlander Grog | Butterscotch creme and rich hazelnut mingle to make this rich, full bodied blend a wonderful brew for special occasions and holidays.

Honey Butter | Sweet, syrupy, and buttery that finally cracks our flavored coffee line up. Nice, heavy body with a bold aftertaste.

Irish Cream | A medium roasted blend of mild tasting beans combined with gourmet Irish Cream flavoring to produce a light, refreshing treat.

Island Coconut | Match the sweet taste of coconut from the islands with a full-bodied blend of Central and South American beans for a wonderful treat, any time of the day.

Jamaican Me Crazy | Words cannot surprise. You must try to believe.

Jazzy Chestnut | The taste of roasted chestnuts and cream, jazzed up with a touch of rum.

Kahlua | Similar to the liqueur. Gourmet Kahlua flavoring combined with rich blend of coffees to produce a refreshing brew, great as iced coffee or after dinner.

Kona Macadamia Nut* | The sweet buttery taste of macadamia nuts from Kona combined with our best selling Roaster Select blend. One of our best sellers.

Merlot Wine | Strange but true...Merlot flavored coffee. Savor the flavor of red wine grapes over fine Central American beans. The only buzz you'll get is from the caffeine.

Mocha Raspberry Almond | Silky smooth milk chocolate paired with the distinct flavor of roasted almonds and the taste of ripe raspberries give this medium roasted blend a full-body, pleasing taste and aroma.

Peaches & Cream | Mimics the Old South with a delightful replication of Georgia peaches bathed in sweet cream. Sip this with your favorite shortbread and savor the aroma. Medium body and smooth finish.

Pecan Supreme | A blend of Central and South American beans coated with the delicious flavor of buttery, toasted Southern Pecans with just a hint of creamy caramel, leaving a delightful aftertaste.

Peppermint Stick | A surprisingly delicious addition to our hearty Central American coffees. A burst of peppermint flavor with its distinct aroma will delight the senses and warm you over.

Pralines & Cream | Sweet and refreshing for after dinner or as a morning flavored blend. We combine the taste of walnuts and sweet cream flavorings with the finest beans for full-bodied, balanced cup.

Premium House Vanilla* | A specially blended, dark and light roast selection of beans creates the base for this flavorful cup. We then add "double" vanilla flavoring for a vanilla lover's treat.

Pumpkin Spice | Originally a holiday special, but this flavor received such an overwhelming welcome that it is now a pillar of our flavored coffee offering. Nutmeg and pumpkin flavors make this the perfect flavored coffee for those chilly mornings or in front of the fire.

Raspberry | Deliciously fruity taste that dances on the palate. You may have to try it to believe it. Also excellent over ice.

Red, White and Blue America | We salute you with red raspberries, white chocolate, and scrumptious blueberries. This is a sweet, fruity concoction which is exceptionally smooth with a medium body. Extraordinary rich aftertaste and aroma.

Snoodle-Doodle | A delightful marriage of Swiss chocolate, coconut, cinnamon and hazelnut swirled over our finest medium roasted Central American coffee.

Spiced Butter Rum | A warm English Rum with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Sweet Cream & Spice | This interesting flavors begins with a mild, medium roast blend of Central and South American coffees. We then add the flavor of nutmeg, sweet cream, and a pinch of cinnamon for a warm pleasing all day treat. Rich pleasing aroma.

Swiss Chocolate Almond* | The perfect combination of smooth, milk chocolate taste with the flavor of roasted almonds combined with a well-balanced blend to produce a full flavor and aroma with medium body and acidity. Specify with or without real toasted almond slivers.

Toasted Almond | The rich flavor of toasted almonds draped over the finest peak city roasted Central American coffees producing a full bodied cup with a sweet nutty aroma. Specify with or without real toasted almond slivers.

Tropical Vanilla | An excellent desert coffee and perfect chocolate compliment. Warm, mellow vanilla flavor in every sip combined with medium body and acidity. Full flavor and sweet, pleasing flavor.

Truffles & Spice | A blend of cinnamon & chocolate gourmet flavorings and full-bodied Central & South American coffees.

Turtle Nut | A rich combination of chocolate, creamy caramel and roasted pecans gently swirled over the finest Central American coffee. Great taste without the guilt.

Vanilla Hazelnut | A full bodied, medium roasted blend of Central & South Americans combined with nutty hazelnut and the warm mellow flavor of vanilla to produce a refreshing brew and a pleasant aroma.

Vanilla Macadamia Nut | Rich combination of vanilla cream and macadamia nut. Medium body, obvious creamy and nutty aftertaste. Delightful aroma.

Very Berry | Raspberries, cherries, strawberries, cranberries, and blackberries married to create an exotic sensation.
* Premium Flavored Coffees
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Simple Origin Coffees
Brazil Santos* From Minas Gerais district, light body, mild acidity, mild flavor.

Celebes Kalossi | An exceptionally good coffee, full body and smooth syrupy flavors with hints of oak.

Colombian Supremo* | South American classic with a mild satisfying flavor, full body, and balanced taste.

Costa Rican Tarrazu* | Known for its mild, clean, tangy, refreshing flavor. The hard bean Tarrazu is a consistently fresh coffee. This variety has medium body and a snap of acidity.

Ethiopian Harrar* | From the birthplace of coffee. Wild, Earthy, nutty flavor with thick body.

Ethiopian Yiracheffe* | Similar to Ethiopian Harrar, except a little less Earthy and with more tanginess.

Guatemalan Antigua* | Smoother than the Costa Rican, medium bodied, consistent coffee, nice floral aftertaste.

Guatemalan Eco-ok | Approved by the Rainforest Alliance. Shade grown and Earth friendly, this is delicate bean with flowery undertones that are balanced with a medium body, and a pleasing smooth finish.

Hawaiian Kauai Estate | Clean, mild and well-balanced. Very similar to Kona but less expensive.

Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy | Light to medium body, distinctly acidic

Indian Mysore* | Full-bodied, slightly earthy and spciy

Jamaican Blue Mountain | Certified Wallenford Estate coffee, the only way you can know it is actually Blue Mountain grade and quality, Considered the finest and rarest coffee.

Java Estate* | We select the finest coffees of the Indonesian Isle. These beans possess a full body and rich earthy flavor with nut overtones in the aroma and low acidity.

Kenya AA* | Possibly the world's finest from the Nairobi auctions. Full body and acidity with the winey flavor of black currants.

Mexican Altura Pluma* | The best of the high grown Mexicans. Medium bodied. Light and clean. Can vary a little crop to crop due to growth elevation and frequent frost damage.

Nicaraguan Matagalpa* | 100% Bourbon variety, very large beans grown at over 4500 feet above sea level. Rich body with spice overtones and bright impression on the pallet.

Panama Boquete* | Fruity taste with earthy undertones, good body and slightly chocolaty aftertaste.

Papua New Guinea* | The highest grade from the finest region in this country. Medium to full body with sweet and fruity sharpness. One of the world's best.

Sumatra Mandheling* | This naturally processed Indonesian coffee carries a heavy, syrupy body with very little acidity. This coffee as a creamy smooth taste with a deep aroma.

Tanzanian Peaberry* | Grown at the base of Kilimanjaro, this coffee produces a single round bean per cherry, the peaberry.. Heavy body with flavors of wine and ripe fruit.

Zambian Terranova Estate | Rare. This African coffee has a full body, medium acidity and is roasted to our medium, Vienna roast to produce an intense aroma and smooth flavor with winey notes.

Zimbabwe | Similar to Kenya AA but with less winey taste and more body. Very special.

* Available at different roasts
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Private Labeling
We offer private labeling of all fresh roasted coffees. Printing basic labels, printing coffee names on your labels, and applying labels to valve packaging is provided at no charge. For a truly professional look we recommend that you have your labels printed by a professional label printer. A professional printer can make your labels appear as if they were printed directly on the bag by varnishing labels and printing matching colors to match. And if they print to our specs then you only need one label for all your coffees and teas. We have special printers for taking your labels and printing the name of the coffee, tea, cocoa, etc. on your label.

Label printing specs:

  • Roll Label Backing = 4 inches width
  • Core = 3 inches
  • Max Width of Label = 3 7/8 inches
  • Max Height of Label = 5 inches
  • Min. Space Between Labels = 1/8 inch
  • Format = Labels should come off roll bottom first

Type Area and Paper = We will print coffee name and weight on label. A 30-up size mailing label area, 2 3/4 inches wide x 1 inch high, should be blank for printing coffee name and weight. Of course, the more white space the better. We utilize a thermal wax resin printer; therefore, the label material and the blank area should accept our printing method. If label is varnished then make sure 30-up size area is spot varnished with Thermal Transfer accepting varnish. Furthermore, label paper should not be to heavy or have texture.

If you need a label printer then contact us and we will refer you to one our reliable and affordable printers.
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Decaffeinated Coffees
The majority of our fresh roasted decaffeinated coffees are decaffeinated in Hamburg, Germany using the CO2 Water Method, also called the Sparkling Water Process. Note: Swiss Water Process Decafs are available. First, bean moisture levels are raised to about 50% by soaking. Next the beans are exposed to carbon dioxide pressurized to 300 atmospheres and heated to about 158°F. The wet carbon dioxide then circulates through the beans dissolving caffeine and from there passes through a charcoal filter/extraction vessel which traps only the caffeine. The remaining flavored charged and caffeine-free water is then re-circulated back through the beans. During this final step, carbon dioxide is removed and the beans reabsorb lost flavor particles while drying. This method of decaffeinating uses no chemicals, retains coffee flavors, and removes the most caffeine. The only true disadvantage is there is no plant in the U.S.A.

Click here for Organic Decaffeinated coffees.
Any flavor Decaffeinated at City Roast
Colombian Decaffeinated at City Roast
Vienna Decaffeinated - 50% City and Italian Roast
Italian Decaffeinated at Italian Roast
Latte Blend Decaffeinated for Espresso
Premium House Vanilla Decaffeinated - double vanilla, french roast
Kona Blend Macadamia Nut Decaffeinated
French Vanilla Decaffeinated
Sumatra Decaffeinated

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CHEBS (Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans)
Fresh coffee beans coated in a thick, rich coating of "premium" milk chocolate. A better quality chocolate bean. Our chebs are only available during the cooler months, September through April. The creamy milk chocolate that we use will melt in the summer and thus we cannot ship chebs after April. Be sure and stock up for the summer.

Great to sell in bulk, smalls packs or the best way, in an gumball machine by the register. This way your customers will impulse feed their change for a few chebs every visit. Available in 2 oz. packs, 4 oz. packs, and 1 lb. bags.
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Coffee King, Inc./Island Oasis

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