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What is Big Train?

Big Train's signature products, including blended ice coffees, chai teas and fruit tea smoothies, have redefined an industry. Often imitated, but never truly copied, our drinks set the standard for specialty coffee and tea products. These award-winning drinks are the rage of coffee houses and stores around the world.

Big Train Products

NEW Big Train Low Carb Products

Big Train Low Carb Chai
You can order your Big Train Low Carb Chai in a case of 2/2-pound cans.

Big Train Low Carb Mocha
(Coming Soon!)

Big Train Chai
Chocolate, Green Tea, Raspberry, Spiced, and Vanilla

Refresh your body and soul. This spicy yet soothing black tea is laced with creamy milk, honey, vanilla, ginger and other aromatic, exotic flavors. Mix with steamed milk for a delicious Chai Latte or splash over ice to chill your boddy and soul. Served hot or over ice.

You can either order your Big Train Chai in a case of 12/12-ounce pouches or 4/3.5-pound bulk bags with easy-lid and scoo bucket containers for storage.

Big Train Blended Coffee
Chocolate Peanut Butter, Coffee, Cookie's 'N Cream, Heath Mocha, Kona Mocha, Lemon Truffle, Mocha, Mocha Vanilla, Vanilla Latte, Vanilla Decaf, Vanilla Latte - No Sugar, White Chocolate Latte

An eye-opening blend of Arabica coffee and secret flavors, Big Train's Blended Ice Coffees are the cool alternative to your daily brew. The perfect compliment to a coffee shops hot beverage line, fabulous taste, easy to store and prepare. New Sugar Free Flavors!

Big Train Blended Ice Coffee can be purchase in a case of 5/3.5-pound bulk bags with easy-lid and scoop bucket containers for storage.

Big Train Fruit Tea Blast
Mango Guava Madness, Passion Orange Guava, Peach Pizazz, Pineapple Coconut, Strawberry Sensations, Wild Berry Boost

Packed with over a pound of pure fruit, green tea, vitamin C, and the revitalizing supplements, ginseng, gingko, and guarana, This nonfat smoothie concentrate fuses the flavor of nature with the simplicity of science.

6/32-ounce Quart Package designed for easy use, efficient storage, and Retail Sale of Big Train Fruit Tea Blast.

Big Train Ultimate Smoothie Mix

Big Tranin's Ultimate Smoothie Mix is a lightly flavored vanilla powder that can be blended with fruit juices, fresh fruit, milk and ice to create a perfect smoothie.

Big Train Ultimate Smoothi MIx can be purchase in a case of 5/3.5-pound bulk bags with easy-lid and scoop bucket containers for storage.

Big Train Dark Chocolate Cocoa Mix
Dark Chocolate

100% fat free, made with all natural ingredients. Big Train Hot Cocoa is a decadent, dark chocolate cocoa mix. Made from dutch Cocoa for a rich and satisfying flavor profile.

Easy storage was a concept for the Dark Chocolate Cocoa Mixes packaging. Purchase this product in 4/3.5- pound cans.

Big Train Steam Engine Hot Coffee Drink
Mocha, Toffee, Vanilla

Steam Engine is an instant coffee mix that can be served as a hot drink or as a Blended Ice Coffee drink. Made with real Arabica coffee and Dutch cocoa, Steam Engine is perfect any time of the day

Big Train Steam Engine Hot Coffee Drink is available in 12/10-ounce cans for easy use and storage.

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