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Nuova Simonelli has been manufacturing espresso equipment in Italy since 1936 and is a worldwide leader in espresso machine technology. Many corporate and franchise customers count on Nuova Simonelli's performance and reliability in hundreds of stores throughout the United States and internationally. The following list contains Nuova Simonelli's most commonly purchased machines:

JAZZ Espresso, Pod Machine (More Info)
ABS & Stainless Steel body, 110v, 1500 watts. 0.5L Boiler, Black metal base optional
OSCAR Pro (More Info)
Single Group Semi-Auto., 110v, 1200 watts. 2.3L Water Tank (or specify Direct Water Connection)
Premier Maxi Style V2 (More Info)
Two-Group Auto., 220v, 20 amps, 2700 watts, 9L boiler
Premier Maxi Style S2 Two-Group Semiauto (More Info)
220v, 20 amps, 2700 watts, 9L boiler
Premier Maxi Style V3 Three-Group Auto (More Info)
220v, 4500 watts, 14L boiler
Premier Maxi Style S3 Three-Group (More Info)
Semiauto., 220v, 4500 watts, 14L boiler
MAC Leva Two-Group Manual Lever
220v, 20 amps, 3000 watts, 13L boiler
MAC2000V Single-Group Automatic (More Info)
110v, 1500/1800 watts, 4.8L boiler
MAC2000S Single-Group Semiautomatic (More Info)
110v, 1500/1800 watts, 4.8L boiler
MAC2000V Two-Group Automatic (More Info)
220v, 3000 watts, 10L boiler
MAC2000S Two-Group Semiautomatic (More Info)
220v, 3000 watts, 10L boiler
Program VIP Plus, Two-Group Automatic (More Info)
220v, 20+amps, 3000 watts, 13L boiler
Program VIP Plus, Two-Group Semi-Auto (More Info)
220v, 20+amps, 3000 watts, 13L boiler
Master Cappuccino Superautomatic (More Info)
One coffee grinder, refrigerator, milk foamer, 220v, 20+ amp, 2600 watts, 3.5L boiler
Caffetteria Italiana Superautomatic (More Info)
With two coffee grinders, double milk foamer, 220v, 20+ amp, 6000 watts, 3.5L & 1.6L boilers

The new espresso equipment and grinders have a one (1) year parts and ninety (90) days labor warranty.

The JAZZ Espresso Pod machine is the simplest and most affordable way to produce espresso-based drinks in a small restaurant, gift shop, or office. It allows you to make regular and decaffeinated espresso based drinks without purchasing a grinder. It is also the easiest machine to learn since you do not have to adjust the grind or tamping pressure before making your espresso.
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The OSCAR is the least expensive traditional espresso machine that we offer. It is designed for low volume and is a great way to test your market. You can purchase the machine and then upgrade to a larger machine if your volume demands it. You can also start with espresso Pods and purchase a grinder if the volume demands it.
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The Premier Maxi Style V Automatic and S Semiautomatic machines are the latest designs from Nuova Simonelli. They offer two-group and three-group features and capacity in a very compact chassis. The Premier Maxi line offers the best value in espresso equipment. This sophisticated machine has all of the technology that a demanding Barista could want in a user-friendly package powered by a nine (9) liter boiler. Features include: programmable dosing from keyboard, semi-automatic with continuous dispensing, two or three-group, incorporated volumetric pump, electronic self-leveling, thermo-compensated brass units, electronic anti-suck system in boiler, steel frame with scratchproof polymer bodywork. Body colors: Moon Stone, Black.
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The MAC2000 line is the most versatile model that we have to offer. It comes in single and two-group (or more) configuration using manual, semiautomatic, or automatic dosing. The MAC2000 line is designed for high volume high traffic locations. The Manual Lever Model is the best for remote areas or for customers who do their own service. The automatic can be ordered with full electronic controls including: programmable dosage unit, electronic automatic leveling, and electronic systems to prevent liquids from being re-sucked into the water heater.
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The Program VIP Plus has a high-level of technology and functionality as well as a top of class design. It is available in two, three, and four group designs using 13 to 27L boilers. Both the Plus (automatic) and Esse (semiautomatic) are the most advanced automatic machines available from Nuova Simonelli. Features include: daily switch on and off function; cup warmer; grinding control (rough-fine); self-diagnostic system with memory; dual switch (mechanical and electronic) with emergency stop.
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Caffetteria Italiana and Master Cappuccino Superautomatic machines are the most technologically advanced and sophisticated machines available. They can provide some or all of the following at the push of a button: espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and lattes. The entire brewing and steaming process is automated and provides the highest level of consistency and ease of use. Superautomatic machines are the best choice for locations that can't always have a skilled Barista operating the espresso machine.
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