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Coffee King, Inc. can provide all of the products, equipment, and services that you need to manage a successful retail coffee operation. If you are looking for a particular model or brand and do not find it here, give us a call, chances are we can get it for you!

The model of espresso machine that you need depends on many factors including: daily foot traffic, amount and duration of sales during peak selling times, technical (power, water, size) requirements, budget, need for potential expansion. I will help you determine the best make, model, and configuration of espresso machine using your particular requirements.

Equipment prices include delivery, installation, and training. In addition we will also provide the following products with the purchase of equipment*:
Stainless Steel Knock Box
Wood Knock Box Holder & Hush Gasket
Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper
2 ea-30 oz Steam Pitchers
2 ea-40 oz Steam Pitchers
4 ea-3 oz Brew Pitchers
Group Head Cleaning Brush
*For Two-Group Machines

We will train your new employees on the proper use of conventional and espresso coffee brewing equipment and drink preparation techniques. Years of industry experience and training from the Specialty Coffee Association of America will be of great assistance in making sure the products you serve to your customers are consistently perfect. We will also include laminated quick reference drink guides, equipment maintenance schedules, and any additional information that you need.

Coffee and coffee equipment are sensitive to the quality of water that you use. Espresso equipment, due to the extreme temperatures and pressures involved, is especially sensitive to the hardness and mineral content of the water being forced through it. We strongly recommend using the Cuno WS Series Water Softener. This is the easiest softener to maintain and it is designed for the demands of food service. Another less expensive alternative is the canister style softener that goes on the waterline just before the pump on your espresso machine. Both of these will soften the water and keep you from having expensive repairs in the future.

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